Make your passwords harder to crack


Internet security has become an issue recently, especially with that large network hack attack every now and then. There’s nothing you can do if hackers get into a database with your password in it, but you can still protect yourself for all the other worst-case scenarios involving hacking. A strong password will protect your personal, sensitive information, including credit card numbers, social security number and other personal information. First, don’t make it easy on hackers by choosing a common password. Also, don’t use your name, a password related to another one you might have on a different site, or a login name.

Additionally, hackers and identity thieves have altered their methods to extend beyond high-risk sites. They now capture user information from social networking sites and other sites that require personal information. Therefore, your password strength should also apply to any site that requires personal information.

The definition of a strong password usually differs by each site. One site may tell you that the strength of your password is strong, while another site may say it is weak. This usually depends on the popularity of the site and its risk of account hackings. Here are some basic factors that make a strong password:

  • Any password that is at least 15 characters long
  • Any password that contains upper-case letters
  • Any password that contains numbers
  • Any password that contains symbols, such as @,#,$,%,&,*
  • Any password that is not a previous or already used password
  • Any password that is not related to a previous password
  • Any password that is not your name
  • Any password that is not your friends’ name
  • Any password that is not your family’s name
  • Any password that is not a common word
  • Any password that is not your login name

Instead, experts recommend using 15 characters, upper-case letters, better yet nonsensical words with special characters and numbers inside them.

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